Back in the 1940s, my mother had to support the whole of her family as well as raising me and my siblings, often on her own. My family was really poor back then that roadside wild vegetables have become our food.
When I was 8 years old, I had no choice but to quit school as my family could no longer afford the tuition fees so I started working since to make ends meet for my family. I begin earning small income after several years of hard labour but before I could provide my mother a better life, she passed away.

My mother has never complain throughout  her entire pregnancies to parenting. I am filled with remorse when I think of my mother’s many years of devotion and hard life but never had the privilege to present her a more comfortable life. 
Therefore, I established TYH Postnatal Care Centre to commemorate my mother for all her sacrifices and contributions. The Tang family can now pass on the spirit of ‘Love Mother’.

-Tang Yang Hing, TYH Postnatal Care Centre Chairman-

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