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Wylie Tang


"It is a man’s duty to always love and care for his wife."

“A mother has dedicated her life to raise her children and as a husband, he has obligations to provide love and for the sustenance of his wife”- dad has always raised us with these words. 


A husband should present his wife with 3 gifts in their marriage life-the promise of marriage, postpartum care and companionship time. In the first month after delivering it is vital for the mother to obtain the most rest for best recovery. This is when the husband should ensure both mother and baby receive utmost care and comfort.


We have professional nursery and medical team to provide comprehensive care for both mothers and babies. We pay attention to dietary conditioning through a balanced diet to regulate health and help mothers to recover fast. We believe that as long as the confinement is good, it is a chance for a woman to reborn.

At TYH, we also pay great attention to the quality of environment and living from design of room to dining table arrangement in order for mothers to have the best and comfortable staying experience during this time.

Wife experienced the pain of childbirth for her husband; it’s time for her to enjoy the best confinement care now at TYH Postnatal

Care Centre. TYH is the best gift from daddy to mummy.


Operation Director

"Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful and that's the key of happiness, Whereelse,
Self-love is a secret weapon to living a fulfilling life."

Pregnancy journey is not always easy as mention. Due to the hormonal changes and expansion of the womb and baby, expectant mothers have to go through agonizing physical, emotional and psychological changes for 9 months before the magical birth of a baby. As a mother, we do agree that it's worth it in th end! Therefore, providing mothers comprehendive care, it was one of the foremost element that i look into this field

Rest and balanced diet are important to mother who just delivered. Only when you have a good health of body can lead one to truly enjoy the wonderful parent-child fun. I hope mother who choose to stay at TYH for thier postnatal recovery can have a comfortable stay during that weaknes
period of time. Also, enjoy a carefree rest in order to rejuvenate your mind, soul and body.

Food and nutrition play a crucial role in health promotion and recovery. The effective management of food intake and nutrient are both the key to a healthy life. To ensure each good nutrient being absorb by the body, food nutrition acknowledge ,paying attention and understanding of preparating food is important. With this, i hope that i can help mothers to develops a healthy body through the confinement meal which special design recipes created by TYH postnatal care centre with the correct cooking technique and preparation.

Yvonne tang

Head of Administrative

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

After getting married, I am a full-time housewife but I have always wanted to start a business related to F&B because I have always been interested in the food industry. Since I was young, I always hoped to have my own restaurant or coffee shop. One day, I chatted with my younger brother and found out that he also had the idea of opening a coffee shop, so we worked together since then. We started planning. After a period of planning, we successfully opened a coffee shop that belonged to us and it is still going on.

I am also a mother myself, so I can understand the feeling that women need to be cared for, so I am in favor of the concept of dad, and also think that maybe we can develop in this aspect. Based on the fact that everyone felt feasible, so we started planning and paving the way. After a period of market research and analysis, careful planning and preparation, we ushered in TYH Postnatal Centre.

In order to provide mothers with better services and environment, TYH is very attentive to all the affairs of the center and do our best to ensure that all mothers who have their confinement care in our center can spend this time comfortably. From nurses, doctors, events, nutritionists to staff; they are all people with certain experiences. Our TYH's professional medical nurses and confinement meal team are strictly selected. They will take good care of every mother who lives in our center from the perspective of professional experience; and also allows baby to grow up healthily.

To use an old but true sentence: "I firmly believe that as long as the confinement is good, a woman can be reborn."

carmen Lai

Nurse Manager

BSC.(Hons)Contemporary Nursing
Post Basic Certification in Paediatric Nursing

“Every Moment is A New Beginning” 

With a blink of eye, I've been in this industry for 7 years in total. I experienced 5 years in pediatric wards and another 2 years in oncology department, treating adult and peads cancer at Subang Jaya Medical Center.

When I worked at oncology department, I have witnessed many people passed away including young children. I realised that life is weak, you never know what would happen the next day or even the next minute. Slowly negativity got me drown and I felt helpless therefore I decided to make a twist, and enter confinement care field. 

It’s never easy being a nurse but all these are paid when a patient sincerely smiling and wishing me, thank you.Never been regretting enter this field, although sometimes its difficult but there are happiness too. It’s so meaningful to me. 

With my past experiences, I am sure that I can provide you satisfaction at TYH Postnatal Center. I am always ready to help mummies and babies in order to get the best postnatal care.