Our Services

Sleeping Baby

Professional Baby Care

​Assessment for new-born baby

Weekly visits by Paediatrician

24 hours CCTV monitoring system

Daily Jaundice level monitoring

Phototherapy services

Daily recording of baby weight, intake and output 

Baby cord care 

24 hours companionship 

Nurse-baby ratio 1:3

Organic products for baby usage 

Daily massage for baby

Care baby with tummy troubles, boost muscle development

Baby sleeping training

Daily health check-up on baby including temperature, heart rate and breathing pattern

Baby’s treatments and remedies (when necessary)

Professional Mother Care

​Daily Blood Glucose Test

Steam Treatment for Lower Body (Bertangas)

Facial Care

Nutritious Meals

Daily Nourishing Herbal Soup

Daily Healthy Beverage

Breastfeeding Guidance

Mother Breast Examination

Wound Observation and Care

Weekly Doctor Visit

Weekly TCM Doctor Visit

Hair Wash with Ginger

Pick Up Service From Hospital to TYH

​Nurse Accompanies to  Checkup

Complimentary Stay for Daddy

Weekly check-up by qualified and registered doctors including Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor 

to ensure the health of both mothers and babies.

Herbal Tonic Soup

Chinese soups are well known for their “powers” of rejuvenation.  Our daily tonic soup is specially catered for body’s recovery. Premium and natural ingredients are used in order to get the best result. 

Help mommy to solve latching difficulties during breastfeed such as low milk production and clogged milk.

Lactation Consultant

Weekly Doctor Visit

Daily Healthy Drink & Boosting Milk

Daily healthy drink for mommy to maintain their health and milk boosting drink to help on mommy's breast milk production

Relaxing massage

Traditional malay bertangas

Flower Bath

Traditional body scrub

Recover Touch Treatment

Luxury Facial 

Hydramemory Facial

Infrared Steam Ozone Sauna

Yoga class

Nutrition class

Cupcake deco workshop

Breastmilk soap making

Makeup class

Flower arrangement class

Breastfeeding seminar

Infant massage seminar

Peads seminar

Gynaecology seminar

Spa & Wellness

Weekly Activities


Stay for Daddy

Accompanyship are allowed for daddy to stay in and take care of their beloved wife and baby.

New Borns Photography

Let our professional newborns photographer to catch those special memories of your new born baby and have your first family photo

Full Moon Party


Cater up to 25pax with food & beverage, decorations and event space prepared.

6 stars luxury postnatal stay with expertise you can see.